RJN News: March 2017

Campaign updates
Reclaim Justice Network has directly opposed the government’s ‘prison building revolution’, and the construction of nine new prisons across England and Wales. The government has recently announced the four new prison sites earmarked for expansion. A brand new mega prison will be built in Port Talbot in South Wales, while HMP Hindley in Greater Manchester, HMP Rochester in Kent and HMP Full Sutton in East Yorkshire will be demolished and rebuilt at approximately triple their size with 1,000 extra places.
Against these plans too?
STOP G4S: Do you want to get involved in the 2017 G4S shareholder action?
Members of the Reclaim Justice Network will be attending G4S’ AGM as shareholders on 25th May (venue TBD) to question the Board on their role in criminal justice industry.
  • Are you interested in becoming a shareholder and joining us in holding G4S to account? Just send your full name and address to wsmcmahon@yahoo.co.uk and we will transfer a single share into your name.
  • If you cannot become a shareholder but would like Reclaim Justice Network to ask the G4S Board a question on your behalf, please e-mail us!
  • Read our reports from the AGMs over the last three years: 2016 report, 2015 report and 2014.
Following the closure of HMP Holloway, Reclaim Justice Network are now working closely with the Reclaim Holloway coalition to build a broad-based, local campaign to ensure the site is protected for benefit of women, Londoners and the local community.
In solidarity.
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