Stop building prisons!

The Ministry of Justice has submitted planning applications for the construction of TWO new 1,600 place prisons at HMPs Wellingborough and Glen Parva.

You do not need to be a local resident to register your objections. Just click on each of the links below and press the ‘make comment’ button. It is very simple – and should take just few minutes to complete.

Campaign Against Prison Expansion have put together a comprehensive list of points that you may want to raise – click here to view them. These are specifically for the Wellingborough site – but some issues raised are also relevant for Glen Parva. You can also read through the objections that other people put forward for inspiration.

Please spare a few minutes to offer your objections and raise your concerns about the prison building programme.
Read our letter in The Guardian, calling for an immediate halt to the prison building programme.
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