G4S to be challenged on record for care of vulnerable people and delivery of criminal justice services


Social justice campaigners, the Reclaim Justice Network (1), are giving media advance notice that Network shareholders will be attending the G4S Annual General Meeting in Sutton, London (2) on Thursday 26 May, to call for G4S’ immediate withdrawal from all Care & Justice services in the UK.

For the third year running, members of the Reclaim Justice Network (RJN) will be asking the G4S board questions about their record in the delivery of criminal justice services. In particular, they will be questioning them about;

  1. Reports that young people in G4S run prisons have been subject to racist comments and degrading treatment, as detailed by OFSTED (3)
  2. The use of dangerous restraint techniques against young people in custody as revealed by the BBC Panorama broadcast in Medway prison
  3. The over-billing for electronic monitoring services and the company’s plans to expand this service (4)
  4. The suspension of 5 members of G4S staff following allegations that members of staff in the Lincolnshire Police force control room made repeated 999 ‘test calls’ at quiet times to improve perceived overall call handling performance (5)
  5. G4S interest in future contracts with the Ministry of Justice in light of government plans to build nine new prisons

The Reclaim Justice Network will be writing a shareholder report following the AGM detailing G4S responses.

For more:

E-mail: reclaimjusticenetwork@gmail.com

Notes for editors:

(1) Reclaim Justice Network is a collaboration of individuals, advocacy groups, practitioners, researchers and people most directly affected by criminal justice systems, who are working together to radically reduce the size and scope of criminal justice systems and to build effective and socially just alternatives. Learn more at downsizingcriminaljustice.wordpress.com

(2) Annual General Meeting of G4S plc will be held in the Orchard Suite at the Holiday Inn London Sutton, Gibson Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 2RF on Thursday, 26 May 2016 at 2.00pm. Full details of the meeting can be found here

(3) OFSTED (2015) Inspection of Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre: February 2015 reported that ‘Poor staff behaviour has led some young people being subject to degrading treatment, racist comments and being cared for by staff who were under the influence of illegal drugs’

(4) As detailed in the G4S Annual Report, the company says that ‘we continue to see attractive long-term growth opportunities in ancillary custodial services, such as electronic monitoring, as governments consider how to extend their use to tackle other issues such as domestic violence’

(5) Statement from G4S: G4S disciplinary action against staff at Lincolnshire Police


Click here for a PDF version of this press release.

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