We now have a date for the G4S AGM – it is Thursday 4 June at the Excel centre on Dockland.  The AGM begins at 11am and will last for a couple of hours.

On the day of the AGM we will have a briefing prior to the AGM so that we can talk about what will happen at the AGM itself and check through who is asking what so please if possible plan to get to the Excel Centre for 9.30 am.

We will also hold an informal debrief after the event for those who can attend.

If you have not yet signed up to being a shareholder as part of the Reclaim Justice Network and would like to do so then please let Will McMahon know by e-mailing him at wsmcmahon@yahoo.co.uk   Will has a small number of shares that he can transfer but you need to let him know ASAP.  You need to let him have your full name and full address.

How does becoming a shareholder and attending the AGM work?
You only need one share to get into the AGM and it gives you an equal likelihood of getting picked to ask a question from the floor. Essentially, like any AGM, there will be a part of the agenda that is titled ’Questions to the Board’. At this point anyone can ask question to hold G4S to account or seek information based on the company’s activities over the last year. How the questions are asked and replied to is of course key to process.

Advanced preparation for the AGM
We will be discussing the kind of questions we might want to ask at the Reclaim Justice Meeting on Wednesday 13th May 20105 at 3pm at the University of Westminster room 455 here. .  We have to sign everyone in so please do your best to get there for 2.45 – 3.pm.

Do you have a specific question you want to ask?
You can find the published Annual Report and Account here. There might be a specific issue concerning G4S’s activities that you want to task at the AGM. By all means let us know about it so we can add it to the discussion.

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