Reclaim Justice Network Film Project: Call for participants

The Reclaim Justice Network is making a short film and we need your help!

We are making a short film about the need for a radical reduction in the size and scope of the criminal justice system and why we need urgently to develop viable social justice alternatives. The purpose of the film is to offer some perspectives that differ from the more conventional reform approach and to educate the public about the range of issues at stake (i.e. justice, education, health, welfare, violence prevention, poverty, racism, drug policy, public spending priorities, etc.) The film will feature brief interview clips from a range of people, including members of the Reclaim Justice Network and those who support our aims.

Who should take part?

We want to include a diversity of perspectives, including:

  • People who have first hand experience of the injustices of the criminal justice system and those directly affected by punishment and criminalisation trends (e.g. prisoners / ex-prisoners, family members of those imprisoned, young people who have been in conflict with the law, people from over-policed communities; people experiencing punishment in welfare, housing, health, etc.)
  • Activists, community organisers, union members, and advocates
  • Researchers, academics and policy reformers

What is the film about?

Participants who are willing to be interviewed in the film will be asked to talk about their perspectives on;

  1. What’s wrong with the criminal justice system
  2. Why we need to radically reduce the size and scope of the criminal justice system (rather than simply reform it)
  3. Why we need less criminal justice and more social justice
  4. What alternatives need to be supported and developed

Where and when?

Filming will talk place in Central London (near Tottenham Court Road) on: Saturday 22 February 2014 & Saturday 8 March 2014.

Participants must be able to attend a 1-hour interview slot on one of the above dates.

If you are willing to be involved – or can suggest names of other people to include, please fill out the electronic form below by Saturday February 15th 2014.

We are also looking for music to use in the film. If you are a musician or know of musicians who might be willing to allow us to use their music for our film, please get in touch!

Sign up form

Please tick all times/dates that you are available. If you have a preferred date
and time, please note it in ‘Other Info’ box below


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