EVENT: What will it take to have a shrinking criminal justice system?

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In October 2013 the Reclaim Justice Network will be holding two events in London and Manchester to discuss and plan for ways to radically shrink the criminal justice system and approaches to justice and safety in our society.

  • London: Tues 22/10/13, 6pm – 8.30pm, Venue: CCJS, 2 Langley Lane, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1GB
  • Manchester: Thurs 24/10/13, 5pm, Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University, Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor (MT201), Mabel Tylecote building (on corner of Oxford Road and Cavendish St). View map. 

Download, view and share the poster here.


1.    What’s the Reclaim Justice Network all about? We have a pamphlet about the Network  – come along and tell us what you think.

2.    Play the Penal Industrial Complex game. What’s your morning cup of coffee got to do with feeding criminal justice expansion? Find out how the criminal justice system infuses many areas of our daily lives.

3.    What’s it going to take to shrink the criminal justice system? Share and debate ideas on what alternatives to criminal justice might look like.

What are we thinking?  We want to think ‘outside the criminal justice box’ and develop genuine social justice alternatives. The Reclaim Justice Network is not a criminal justice reform group. We are not about improving community sentences or finding better treatment programmes in prison. While we do not oppose these things, this is not our focus. We believe the path to a safer society lies outside of criminal justice altogether.

What are these events about? Join us for an evening of discussion, game playing and debate about alternatives

Who are we? Reclaim Justice Network is a collaboration of individuals, groups, campaigners, activists, trade unionists, practitioners, researchers, ex-prisoners and people most directly affected by the criminal process.  We are working together to radically reduce the size and scope of the criminal justice system. We aim to build effective and socially just alternatives that provide genuine community safety. We advocate for social justice solutions rather than criminal justice reactions to social problems, inequalities and harms.

What do we want to do? We aim to promote our objectives by organising a national movement that can engage with, and support, local activists and campaigners to challenge society’s excessive reliance on criminal law. This would prevent deepening of social inequalities around ‘race’, class, gender, age, ability and sexuality.

Where are we based? Our aim is to establish local groups and regional hubs to promote our objectives. 

Who is invited? Everyone and anyone who is committed to our broad aims.

RSVP by completing this form or emailing reclaimjusticenetwork@gmail.com:

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5 Responses to EVENT: What will it take to have a shrinking criminal justice system?

  1. John Blad says:

    Hello, may I advise to look at the book ‘Civilising Criminal Justice’ which just appeared at Waterside Press. I think it may help to find the ways of shrinking the criminal justice system in responsible ways.

  2. Agata says:

    how long will the London event take?

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